Input/output error

I am using docker run -e "ACCEPT_EULA=Y" -e "SA_PASSWORD=yourStrong(!)Password" -e "MSSQL_PID=Developer" -p 1433:1433 -d microsoft/mssql-server-linux:latest but get this error:

docker.exe: Error response from daemon: driver failed programming external connectivity on endpoint compassionate_euclid (21f6253a39703af4692c33a0373a7d430662db701beea5a247e030cbd7b9ce60): Error starting userland proxy: mkdir /port/tcp: input/output error.

Is this an error specific to this image or is there something wrong with my docker configuration?

Thank you.


Have you tried restarting the Docker daemon?

Restarting Docker for Windows is the workaround for me too. I still don’t know why I get that error for mssql. It occurs after most but not every fresh startup of Docker for Windows.

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yup i’m getting this error most not only after start up. so please suggest some fix