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Instalation of docker on windows 10 never finishes


(Dcsusr001) #1


I have seen many times this issue, but I couldn’t find a solution, I checked all that other posts says.

  1. In turn On/ turn off windows features I have checked all about Hyper-V


  1. I Checked in PowerShell the build Number and this is 15063 and I have M. Windows 10 Pro

  2. I Chekced the task manager/CPU and virtualization is enable

I try with the .exe and this begin downloading files, unpacking and finally this says removing files but nothing happen, I see this creates a folder docker in ProgramFiles but never finishes the instalation.

I donwloaded the .msi and this closes without finish after a few minutes.

What else Can I Check?, this has something like a log where I can find the problem? Some else could fix this?