Installation for alakazam

I have a simple docker recipe:

# Base R image
FROM rocker/rstudio:4.4

RUN install2.r -e rmarkdown ggplot2 kableExtra dplyr readxl stringr reshape2 httr BiocManager parallel

RUN R -e 'BiocManager::install(ask = F)'
RUN R -e 'BiocManager::install(c("biomaRt","XVector","Biostrings","GenomicAlignments","DECIPHER",ask = F))'

RUN install2.r -e alakazam
#docker build -t moonshot . --no-cache

But it breaks in the last step, alakazam, it says:

ERROR: dependencies ‘Biostrings’, ‘GenomicAlignments’ are not available for package ‘alakazam’

Any suggestions?

This sounds more like an rstudio issue than Docker, so here might not be the best place to ask.

Thank you, I am just confused as this installs fine in R and RStudio so I wasn’t sure if there is a docker trick that I was not aware of. Will ask elsewhere.

Did you check their site?