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Installing Docker EE offline on Windows 2016

(Alastair_FM) #1

We are installing an third-party product which runs / is based on Docker Enterprise Edition as it’s core functionality and installing on Windows 2016. The installation needs to be air-gaped so we are looking to use to the offline installer.

We are using the following page as a guide for install:

What is confusing is that if you install Docker in the normal way (i.e. online, using the instructions at the top of that page to install the package and module from MS) then the Windows service that is created is called ‘Docker’ but when you use the offline installer script the service that is created is called ‘Docker Engine’.

I have looked in the [C:\Program files\Docker] folder and in the registry and both installs appear to produce the same files and records there.

As far as I am aware ‘Docker Engine’ software is part of the ‘Docker Desktop for Windows’ client program and not a component of a server / daemon.

Note at the top of the page the ‘online’ instructions are titled “Install Docker Engine - Enterprise” even though the page was supposed to be for ‘Docker Enterprise Edition’ whereas towards the bottom the title “Use a script to install Docker EE” is used.

Has anyone else noticed this ?
Can anyone clear up the contusion here ?
Are they all the same product but simply the naming has become mixed up ?
Is it OK that the offline installer calls the service one thing whereas the online installer is different again ?