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Download offline docker-ee preview ZIP file


I need to use script to install docker-ee preview to test windows server 1709 version,
Where address can download docker-ee preview?

like this doc:

Install a specific version
To install a specific Docker version, you can use the MaximumVersion,MinimumVersion or ‘RequiredVersion’ flags. For example:

Install-Package -Name docker -ProviderName DockerProvider -Force -RequiredVersion 17.06.2-ee-5

Name Version Source Summary

Docker 17.03.0-ee Docker Contains Docker EE for use with Windows Server 2016…

Company firewall can direct access Internet, so, I only off-line to setup docker and save - load images.

Does anyone know how to get a download link for it and do silent install ?

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Please Docker team, answer this one year old question!

The question is: How do you do an offline install of the preview version of docker EE?
I can’t find a download anywhere.

Göran Roseen

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Hi guys,

From document, include JSON index link have all offline download link.

Found a link to download the preview edition zip file.
But I am not sure how to properly install it on Windows Server offline.
If anyone got it working, please let us know how to install it.