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Installing Docker on OpenSUSE 12.3


(Samuelkwest) #1


In an attempt to follow along with the Self-Paced Training for Docker, I wanted to install Docker on my OpenSUSE 12.3 system.

Unfortunately, the ‘easy’ instructions don’t work at all:

evenstar:~ # wget -qO- | sh
Going to perform the following operations:

  • install Docker
    Press CTRL-C to abort
  • zypper -n install docker
    Retrieving repository ‘Virtualization’ metadata …[done]
    Building repository ‘Virtualization’ cache …[done]
    Loading repository data…
    Warning: Repository ‘openSUSE-12.3-Update’ appears to be outdated. Consider using a different mirror or server.
    Warning: Repository ‘openSUSE-12.3-Update-Non-Oss’ appears to be outdated. Consider using a different mirror or server.
    Reading installed packages…
    ‘docker’ not found in package names. Trying capabilities.
    No provider of ‘docker’ found.

Nevertheless, I attempted to delve deeper. According to everything I can find on your site, Docker is supported on OpenSUSE 12.3 and up, so I should be able to do this, right?

Unfortunately, all the Virtualization repositories (that are pointed out in various places) lead to dead ends when it comes to OpenSUSE 12.3. And, by ‘dead end’, I mean that there is no repo content where it would normally be. For example, if you browse to the following address:

You will find that it is empty.

However, if you browse to:

you will find that there is content there.

Now, obviously, that must be opensuse’s problem, but the point is that there are instructions on Your Site at:

that do not work.

Can someone please tell me how to install Docker on my OpenSUSE 12.3 system? Or tell me that it cannot be done?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

- s.west

(Anoop) #2

Installation on OpenSUSE says

Docker is part of the official openSUSE repositories starting from 13.2. No additional repository is required on your system.

So that should be understood as anything prior to openSuse 13.2 will not work.

(Samuelkwest) #3

Thanks for your response. However, if it is the case that anything prior to 13.2 will not work, then the instructions at that say:


Docker is available in openSUSE 12.3 and later. Please note that due to its current limitations Docker is able to run only 64 bit architecture.

Docker is not part of the official repositories of openSUSE 12.3 and openSUSE 13.1. Hence it is necessary to add the Virtualization repository from OBS to install the docker package.

should be changed… yes?

  • s.west

(Anoop) #4

Absolutely. That should be changed to be accurate. Thank you for bringing to our notice.

(Jeff Anderson) #5

The link you have mentioned is from an old version of the docs. If you get rid of the /v1.8 from the URL, you’ll be forwarded to, which is the current version of the doc.