"insufficient scope" for advanced image management API

I’m trying to make some v2 API calls using a Docker pro account. It has admin privileges for the namespace I’m trying to interact with. I can hit most endpoints without issue

>>> requests.get(
    headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {token}"},

{'count': 1,
 'next': None,
 'previous': None,
 'active_count': 1,
 'results': [{'uuid': 'xxx',
   'client_id': 'HUB',
   'scopes': ['repo:admin']}]}

But the advanced image API endpoints give me an insufficient scope error

>>> requests.get(
    headers={"Authorization": f"Bearer {token}"},

{'errinfo': {}, 'message': 'insufficient scope'}

There’s no information in the response so I don’t really know where to start debugging this. These endpoints used to work as of a few weeks ago.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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This is now fixed; see issue 2224.