Interactively debug distroless or slim containers

This Docker Extensions deploys the debug-ctr binary in your host and provides a UI in Docker Desktop that allows you to click on a running container to inspect it by opening a terminal into it.

Kudos to Felipe Cruz, A Software Engineer working at Docker for building this extension.

Run Locally

Clone the project

 git clone

Go to the project directory

 cd debug-ctr-extension

Build the extension

docker build -t felipecruz/debug-ctr-extension:latest .

Install the extension

docker extension install felipecruz/debug-ctr-extension:latest

Developing the frontend

  cd ui
  npm install
  npm start

This starts a development server that listens on port 3000.

You can now tell Docker Desktop to use this as the frontend source. In another terminal run:

 docker extension dev ui-source felipecruz/debug-ctr-extension:latest http://localhost:3000

In order to open the Chrome Dev Tools for your extension when you click on the extension tab, run:

docker extension dev debug felipecruz/debug-ctr-extension:latest