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Is boot2docker the only alternative to run heterogeneous images?

(Tryncatch) #1

Hi, I’m trying to get more information about docker running on different platforms but I have not succeeded in getting the information I’d like to get so here’s the question.

Docker started on Linux and used to manage only linux images. Nowadays it is my understanding that MS windows support is in progress so I’m wondering whether running heterogeneous platform images across hosts is only possible through boot2docker or not. I mean, if I’ve built a MS Windows image and a linux one and I want to run those two images on a linux or windows host; is this just possible through boot2docker? Do I have other choices? If so, can you please mention them or point me to the documentation? How is this supposed to work?

Thanks for your responses!

(Ranjandas) #2


As of now all the docker containers that are available are based on Linux OS. The main reason for this is these containers use the host operating systems (Linux) kernel. So, till date there is nothing like heterogeneous(different OS) docker containers. All containers which run under docker are of various linux distributions.

Boot2Docker also is the same case, boot2docker is just a Linux VM based on the Linux Distro named TinyCore and it can only run Linux containers.

For Microsoft Windows there is a new container technology that is being developed by Microsoft which is different from Docker.

I hope this answers your question.


(Tryncatch) #3

Thank you very much for your reply! I think you pretty much answered my question.
I was aware about the linux dependency however I was also aware of the Microsoft initiative to bring containers into Windows and I was wondering how all of these initiatives are going work. I think it is clear that containerization it is per platform and if we have an heterogeneous infrastructure we may combine virtualization and containers in order to get the most out of each technology.

Thank you again your kind reply and the information you shared!


(Ralph Kincade) #4