Microsoft Docker and "Docker-in-Docker

I’m just curious if Microsoft Docker (on Windows Server 2016+) will support docker-in-docker images? Did anyone ever try this? Do you recognize the need for this?

Reason I’m asking is, we use docker-in-docker in our build environment on Linux to build software but also docker images. As we develop Microsoft applications as well that require dotnet-framework, I would like to have the same approach we use for Linux on our Microsoft buildenvironment, so it is transparent for our developers.

What is your opinion on this subject?


The closest we’ve been able to get is to enable nested Hyper-V. Never actually got a working image going for it though. Main limiting factor seems to be that a listed prerequisite is an Intel-base processor.

(also, I would love to see Microsoft provide Linux support on their server environments. I was super frustrated when there was something that needed to run in that context and my only real option was to spin up a new Linux VM)