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Microsoft Docker and "Docker-in-Docker

(Tallandtree) #1

I’m just curious if Microsoft Docker (on Windows Server 2016+) will support docker-in-docker images? Did anyone ever try this? Do you recognize the need for this?

Reason I’m asking is, we use docker-in-docker in our build environment on Linux to build software but also docker images. As we develop Microsoft applications as well that require dotnet-framework, I would like to have the same approach we use for Linux on our Microsoft buildenvironment, so it is transparent for our developers.

What is your opinion on this subject?


(Bahrcode) #2

The closest we’ve been able to get is to enable nested Hyper-V. Never actually got a working image going for it though. Main limiting factor seems to be that a listed prerequisite is an Intel-base processor.

(also, I would love to see Microsoft provide Linux support on their server environments. I was super frustrated when there was something that needed to run in that context and my only real option was to spin up a new Linux VM)