Is Containerd going to default component in Docker engine?

Hi Everyone,

I just come across a post regarding deeper integration of “containerd” in the docker engine. I understand it’s experimental feature as of now.

My questions are:

  • Is containerd going to be the default handler for docker engine once it’s GA?
  • Does that mean the images stored in docker file system (/var/lib/docker") will be stored using snapshotter rather than graph driver, is it?

I am not certain about the schedule, but it will be the default eventually. If nobody requires it, I don’t think we will have an option to choose whether we want to use containerd or not. Do you rely on the current /var/lib/docker folder somehow?

Yes. It is mentioned in the blog post you shared:

This migration modifies two main things:

  • We’re replacing Docker’s graph drivers with containerd’s snapshotters.
  • We’ll be using containerd to push, pull, and store images.

I tried it in Docker Desktop and created a container and a docker image containing a file so I could search for it in Docker Desktop’s virtual machine. I found the file under /var/lib/containerd-stargz-grpc/ and /var/run/desktop-containerd/daemon/io.containerd.runtime.v2.task/moby/