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Is Docker for AWS dead?

The GitHub repo is archived and the last release was over a year ago. Is this project dead?

It looks like its been retired, and the docs have been pulled from the website as well ( echoing some comments in the Issue, does anyone know what a comparable replacement is? Docker-for-X was very useful, and finding a replacement is hard because every search term is hammered with a cloud providers offering (which might be the point, but it’d be good to confirm that). The repo didn’t have any information on why it got archived, but I could have missed something.

This is quite disappointing. Fair enough to deprecate products but at least make an announcement about it and suggest alternatives.

As apparently there is an intention to keep Docker Swarm alive I had been hoping that this project would see some updates along with that.

Where to go now? We do not need the complexity of Kubernetes. Looks like ECS and Fargate are the only options, which we had wanted to avoid as they are vendor-specific.

I know you said you do not want the complexity of Kubernetes, but really, EKS with managed node groups or fargate can be very simple to set up and manage. Moving to other cloud providers will have similar offerings.

I have to agree that killing this project off without so much as a warning or announcement is really poor form for Docker. I liked the project and my company built a number of services utilizing it, that we’ll eventually have to go through the pain of migrating to something else to avoid obsoletion.

The message I’m getting from Docker here is that they don’t care about their users, and I doubt I’ll trust another platform offering from them in the future.

I’m holding out hope that the sale of the enterprise business and reorientation will put a stop to this kind of bs.