Is Docker for AWS abandoned? It seems all traces have been removed from

I can’t find any announcement about Docker for AWS EOL. If true, this will destroy any remnant of trust I had in Docker Inc. Even worse than the Docker Cloud shutdown. We just migrated to Docker for AWS from Docker Cloud!

I just found out today… regarding the removal of D4AWS documentation from! I have not heard any news regarding D4AWS.

Unfortunately i have deployed a production service using D4AWS with the plan of deploying more services. At this point, I have no confidence in Docker (Swarm) either. I was starting to look into migrating (from D4AWS) to AWS ECS/Fargate. It looks like that will have to be the long term plan.

We’re looking to migrate to AWS EKS. I think the writing is on the wall considering that last year Docker added k8s as an optional orchestrator. I wouldn’t be surprised if they just do away with swarm as an orchestrator all together at some point.

D4AWS documentation is back online. I guess it was off-line temporarily.

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