Is Docker only for cloud?

Hi All,

I am pretty new to docker and have only basic understanding of docker.
As I browse through lot of Docker related topics, I see docker in association with technologies like microservices and Cloud technologies like AWS.
I am having my current project with Jenkins pipeline using Camel, OracleDB, SQLserver, Spring4/Java8 , mybatis, flex and some external upstream and downstream machines.
We have different environments like Dev, QA, performance, staging, preprod, prod etc., as in any other project.
My question is, Can we use docker to improve anything in this type of project setting and will that jelp me improve anything?

Just want the advise if docker can help me in this project set up and if so, what advantage will I get?
I am not looking for any article to teach me Docker or how to do this. I will be joining a course for the same today or tomorrow.

Thanks for your patient reading!