New to docker - trying to understand


I’m brand new to docket and trying to understand where/how/when to use Docker in a production environment.

I love the concept, but i can;t understand when i would want to use it?

Anybody want to put me in my place? :wink:



This is a very broad question with lots of broad answers. The simplest could really be “you can run anything you want in production with Docker”

What sort of application workloads do you deal with? What challenges are you facing in your environment? How much have you gone through the docker docs? Have you tried running a container? building an image? creating/using custom networks and port publishing? volumes? swarm mode? secrets? content trust?

Usually I find that as you go through each of these concepts you start seeing how pattern X or feature Y or procedure Z can help the challenges you are facing.

Thanks for the reply Jeff.

I have been going through some of the documentation, i work in DevOps so a large part of my role is automating test environment builds, managing CI/CD, Desired State etc. So you can see why I’ve taken an interest in Docker as i have a feeling it’s something that i could really benefit from.

If i understand this right.
I could install docker on a developers machine, build a docker image with all the components that the developer would need (IIS,ESB,DB,OtherApps) and ask the developer to run the container on their machine and point their code at it?

Do you have a example of a use case?