Is docker storage driver overlay2 production available on CentOS?

Hi All,
When I read the introduction about the overlay2 storage driver on CentOS, I didn’t see whether it was clearly production available(as below table, overlay2 is not the recommended storage driver on centos, but when i yum install docker 1.13.1 on centos, defalut storage driver is overlay2). So i want to confirm it here, thank you very much for your answer.

ps: my centos version is 7.5.1804 (3.10.0-862.e17.x86_64) and defalut use overlay2.

Docker CE

Linux distribution Recommended storage drivers
Docker CE on Ubuntu aufs, devicemapper, overlay2 (Ubuntu 14.04.4 or later, 16.04 or later), overlay, zfs, vfs
Docker CE on Debian aufs, devicemapper, overlay2 (Debian Stretch), overlay, vfs
Docker CE on CentOS devicemapper, vfs
Docker CE on Fedora devicemapper, overlay2 (Fedora 26 or later, experimental), overlay (experimental), vfs