Correct way to set-up/use Docker on CentOS?

I’m trying to find the best way to set up Docker on a CentOS server, specifically, should I be using OverlayFS?

I’ve read conflicting accounts of whether OverlayFS works well with CentOS 7.2 with Docker. Some say you should upgrade the Kernel to the (non-standard) 4 (CentOS comes with kernel 3.10), others say the back port of OverlayFS should be fine (and advise against using a non-supported kernel).

Redhat have also just recently released 7.4 which means CentOS 7.4 won’t be far behind it - it has better support for OverlayFS so would it be worth waiting for this, or would the current recommendations suffice? (A link to, or more info about these recommendations would be appreciated).

Thanks for any help.