Is it possible to have All Media Containers in One hub/dashbord with one login and IP:Port

I want like in the Pic

I want everything gathered in one place, one IP:Port, One Login, and so on.

Is it any way to do this ? right now I have:

Jellyfin ( for IPTV and VOD with strm files)
Navidrome (Music Service)
NextPVR ( Have a feeling this is better then Jellyfin so maybe changes to this)

and is it some other containers I missing to get a good Mediaserver please let me know.

I doubt such a solution exists.

You could use any of the existing portal/dashboard solutions like Organizr, Dashy, Heimdall, or whatever pleases you.

Though, none of those will act as a reverse proxy (which is needed to reach all target containers using a single ip:port).

I also doubt there is single sign on that would be able to propagate the login to the portal to the other applications. If all of those solutions would support oauth2, oidc3 or Samlv2 and you would run your own identity provider like Keycloak for instance, this could be possible… BUT: as Portainer being the only enterprise grade software in the bunch, I doubt any other will have single sign on integration.