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NoIP Docker Image for Openmediavault

Hello Community,

i have a RPI4 (8GB RAM) with RaspberryOS 64bit and Openmediavault installed. In OMV i have activated Docker and Portainer. On top of that i have installed Nextcloud in a docker container which is working good:-) Also wireguard is installed in a container.

I can reach my Nextcloud over the NoIP DDNS which i have configured during the Nextcloud Setup.

Now i would like to reach my OMV and Portainer also over NoIP. In Portainer i have no installed the Image romeupalos/noip and used the DDNS which i have used for Nextcloud.

The question is how i get all this things running over DDNS (OMV, Portainer and Nextcloud) → to be reached over my DDNS is my raspberrypi