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Is it possible to have KVM enabled in the Alpine VM?

(Ivan Mikushin) #1

It’d be very nice to have KVM enabled in the Alpine Linux VM that Docker for Mac is using. Is it possible?

(Rolf Neugebauer) #2

Hi Ivan

We currently have no plans to support KVM inside the Linux VM. It would require implementing nested virtualization, which is definitely non-trivial.


(Helander) #3

I would also like KVM enabled, not the full package but the kernel module so that

modprobe kvm

would work.

In addition I do also need the OpenVSwitch kernel module

modprobe openvswitch

Without these I can not use Docker Mac but have to stay with the boot2docker/DOCKER_HOST solution.
This is very unfortunate. Any pointers on how I could rebuild the kernel and install into the VM may help.