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Access/switch Alpine VM

(Rmoriz) #1


is there a way to:

a) access the Alpine VM that comes with Docker for Mac (“Moby”)
b) switch the used image? e.g. where can I find the sources for “Moby”? (GPL?)

I’ll need a specific kernel module loaded in the (host) kernel.

(Justin Cormack) #2

Hi we plan to fully open source the Linux distro soon. We can of course provide all sources, any kernel patches will be in the distro in /etc/. The current beta is vanilla 4.4.6+aufs, you can get the kernel config with:

docker run --privileged --pid=host alpine zcat /proc/1/root/proc/config.gz

You can in theory replace the kernel image in the application bundle with a new one, but we won’t be able to help with bugs - we are trying to fix the issues with a vanilla setup…

We can add more mainstream config options if they are generally appropriate - what do you need?

(Rmoriz) #3

Thanks for your help!

Unfortunately it’s not a mainstream option and requires custom patching + custom userspace daemon. Currently we have a modified “boot2docker”-distro image and use VMWare Fusion with docker-machine but are very unhappy with the recent development of Fusion. So xhyve-based Docker for Mac looks very compelling.

(Justin Cormack) #4

We are not going to help with this type of request at present as we want to get the mainstream features working, but you should be able to run a daemon via a privileged container fairly easily, and you can change the kernel, or add modules, but you will have to work it out on your own.

(Rmoriz) #5

As long as I know what I need to build, I can do it myself. That’s why I asked for the sources :wink:

(Justin Cormack) #6

You can get the full sources for all the code on the running VM in a directory called output/ with:

docker run -it -v /etc:/hostetc -v /lib:/lib -v $(PWD)/output:/output justincormack/mobysources

The kernel patches at present are just the latest upstream aufs for the kernel version, this may change though next beta.