Is it possible to run containers on android devices?

Hello everyone, I’m a mobile developer and recently adept at using containers with docker. I’m developing a container architecture for my graduate project. In one of the modules of this architecture would need to be run on an android device. But I still could not find information on whether to run a container on an android device. It could be something simple like an alpine image with python.

Can anyone tell me if there is a possibility to run a container on an android device with docker, or even kubernetes ??

checkout this reply and thread Is it possible to runn docker engine on android devices for some discussion on the topic

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I saw this topic but the developer did not give details of the procedure needed to run docker on an android device.

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I’m also interested in being able to run Docker containers on Android. I’ve done a fair amount of looking about on the web, but can’t find any details about how to do this. Help?


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Ok, yeah Docker.

For posterity:

But, what about Kubernetes? Who’s tried it?


Any answer to running Kubernetes on Android?