Is it possible to run Rosetta in arm docker image and run x86 binaries on Ventura?

I saw this document on Apple’s developer site:

Running Intel Binaries in Linux VMs with Rosetta | Apple Developer Documentation

Ventura supports running x86_64 binaries in Linux VMSs with Rosetta. Currently, to run an x86_64 binary in docker, we need to set the platform: linux/amd64 flag, and Docker Desktop will use qemu to simulate the whole x64 Linux distribution, which is much slower than native apps.

However, as I know, using Rosetta to run binaries is faster than emulating it? So, is it possible to run Docker Desktop with ARM64 images and install Rosetta inside it?


They are currently investigating this feature: [Docker Desktop for Mac] - Support for running x86-64 binaries with Rosetta 2 · Issue #384 · docker/roadmap · GitHub