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Is this for real? Run x86 docker images on M1?

When Docker announced the tech preview for the “Apple Silicon” M1 processor, the announcement contained the following statement:

The new Docker Desktop on M1 is no exception; you can build and run images for both x86 and Arm architectures without having to set up a complex cross-compilation development environment.

Is this for real? Can someone provide further information?

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Yes, I am keen to know when we can run a docker version specifically made for an M1 Mac and see if there are any speed improvements

I’m running the preview, and it works.
x86 Emulation in docker is not as efficient as the apple x86 translation.
I was running several x86 jvm images, and that took 300% cpu even when I wasn’t actively using them.

My question is if there is a way to see which images are running in emulation, vs which ones are running native Arm code?

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Yes it is real that you can run images x86 on new docker desktop. There are lots of amazing things that is discovered by scientist if you want to know about it please visit I hope the Apple silicon M1 processor will come soon.

I am still waiting for it.