Is it possible to use a subdomain as repository namespace?

Hello together,

My concern is to direct all subdomains of a domain to a Docker Registry V2 and use the subdomain as a namespace part of the image. So instead of example-registry/namespace/myimage:1.0
→ namespace.example-registry/myimage:1.0

There are various reasons for this, on the one hand it would be easier to integrate the whole thing into one system, because already exists for other purposes (UI, etc.) and because it is then possible to use one Docker client with several Users to log on to the same registry, since the subdomain is constantly changing. (That would be intentional)

Is that even possible, or can I manipulate the requests via a reverse proxy in such a way that the registry looks like the standard again? So that from namespace.example-registry/myimage:1.0 through the reverse proxy example-registry/namespace/myimage:1.0 becomes what the registry would understand again.

Or do I have to launch a new instance for each subdomain?