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List of all repositories in registry?

I’ve been trying to find an efficient way to find all of the repositories in Docker’s hub. For some reason the V2 registry API doesn’t allow me to access the /v2/_catalog endpoint. Right now I’m using the V1 API and simply passing in a blank character for the search term which seems to be working, but I’ve noticed a lot of problems with the V1 API. I’ve opened an issue report on the V1 GitHub repo but doubt it will be fixed due to V2 development.

Does anyone know a workaround for pulling all of the repositories in the docker hub with their V2 API? Just to clarify I don’t mean a copy of the registry that I’m running. I’m referring to Docker’s registry -

Example using V1:

there’s no search interface for images in v2, but you can list all images in a registry using a the registry master image try the following some people have written tools for this purpose