Is it possible to use bridge network when running Docker in Rootless mode?

Hello Folks,

I am given to understand that docker bridge network can’t be used anymore when running Docker in rootless mode & i see some mention of this in a few old git discussions.

However when i go through the Docker docs for rootless or bridge-network i don’t see any mention of such a restriction.

I see from the rootless docs that one still can use the host-network mode with the below restriction,

Host network (docker run --net=host) is also namespaced inside RootlessKit.

and with the caveats mentioned in the “networking-errors” sub-section.

If one can still use the host-network as noted above how about the bridge-network?

Please bear with my ignorance, what i am not able to understand is if one can still use the host-network mode with those caveats noted above, why can’t one use bridge-network mode aswell? What is the underlying problem that prevents such a possibility? Or is it just a matter of current support not being there with caveats?

Can someone please help throw some light?