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Is there a Dockerfile generator?

Dear docs,

I looked but couldn’t find any. Maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

Is there a public API, app, website or script that can generate your Dockerfile using some kind of a noob-friendly UI?


  1. I tell it I want to compile and run c++ or Java programs,
  2. I select one or more unix tools (or tool sets) - e.g. gdb, awk, make, valgrind, etc.
  3. I choose that I want to optimize for image size (vs. for example, stability)

Then I get a recommended list of base images with details, and I pick one of them.

And finally, there’s an option that would auto-generate a Dockerfile based on the above requirements.


unfortunately there is no api,script ot website that cab generate your dockerfile, you have to made a custom one in order to do it.