Web based docker image creator


Is there anybody aware of such a project?

What I look for is a similar project to DockerUI but with the ability to CREATE custom docker images with it. So imagine it like a cpanel for Docker. The admin sets certain parameters for the customer like:

-website specific data

And at the end a downloadable image will be created. Although GAUDI would be something close to this, in my case what the docker machine host is a custom made PHP Symfony 2 application which needs some automatic adjustments in files/databases for the clients.

The other interesting project I have found for this purpose is PACKER.IO

Although it’s syntax is terrible and broke on every possible operation for me like copy directory recursively from the source to the target vm this might be an option to look into but it does not have web frontend either.

Any suggestions are welcome. I’m sure that big companies like DigitalOcean and Rackspace are already working on Docker Creators since it will be useful for their customers.

If anybody is from them maybe he could share some code :smile: