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Is there a way to access the virtual machine that kitematic launched

I want to modify the docker daemon opts so I can use my own private docker registry, I couldn’t figure out how to do that via kitematic interface, so I thought maybe I could ssh to the virtual machine it launched to modify the docker config file and relaunch docker deamon
would that work?
if so, what’s the user name and password to access the virtual machine that Kitematic launches to host docker containers? I see its 22 port is open so I am guessing there must be a way to ssh to it.


From your Virtual box, for your Kitematic instance, go to Network and Port Forwarding and grab the port. For me, its 54613. Then do the ssh:
ssh -p <forwarded-port> docker@localhost with password tcuser

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Alternatively, docker-machine ssh should work too.

Thanks for posting!

Third option is to stop kitematic, Launch Oracle Vm Virtual manager (if you are on windows) it would list kitematic vm in stopped state. Double click it and it would launch the vm and show the prompt in there for you to edit directly.

Fourth option:

  1. Start the Docker CLI from Kitematic
  2. Find the VM’s address: env | grep DOCKER_HOST
  3. SSH into the host revealed in the above step, e.g: ssh docker@ (password is, as above, tcuser)

On Windows 7, use Git bash once you have the IP address as above, e.g.:

ssh docker@
Password: tcuser

To reach your container,
docker exec -i -t /bin/bash

Advantage is full-screen, better experience in general than Docker CLI in Kitematic
I have installed mc in my container, which makes navigation and editing really easy.
Mouse works, full screen editing.