Is there a way to install docker command-line completion in a Docker for AWS CE deployment?

I’ve deployed the CloudFormation Docker for AWS CE stack, as per the instructions.

So far, though, I haven’t been able install Docker command-line completion on any node. Granted the OS in these is a special (apparently somewhat minified) OS, but it DOES have /bin/bash on it, so there should be a way to get autocomplete running, right?

You will find out eventually that it is better to open an SSH tunnel (as described in, so you can keep using your preferred local toolset without messing with the server.

If you really need a remote toolset (I do when all I have at hand is a tablet) try keeping it in a container too. You can always run a toolset container mounting the server’s docker socket.

Makes sense! I can relate to the tablet scenario.

Would the container way work within a swarm?

Surely, just make sure (1) this container mounts the docker socket (/var/run/docker.sock) and (2) this container runs on a master node (if you want to control the swarm).