Is there a way to push to my own self hosted distribution registry from Docker Desktop?

Not using the command line, from the UI of Docker Desktop. The only image options I see are push to docker hub. I don’t want to push an image to docker hub, after testing it, I was to push it to my self hosted docker distribution registry from the UI. Any way to do this? It is not exposed to the internet, does have https, does not have authentication. Just local.

No. Docker Desktop is strongly intergated with Docker Hub. It supports Docker Hub, including logging in and pushing images, but not other registries. Using the command line cannot be completely avoided when working with containers. Not even when working with Docker containers.

If you are wondering whether it would be possible to ask for supporting other registries as well, I don’t think it would be likely as Docker Desktop and Docker Hub have commercial purposes as well so Docker Desktop will probably always have a better support for Docker Hub.

You can still give it a try in the Roadmap