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Docker Push not working from Docker Desktop

Hello People,

I have docker desktop installed on my windows machine and also logged in to my docker hub account from docker desktop, I tried to push an image from docker desktop to hub but it throws an error saying “denied: requested access to the resource is denied” but when I try to do the same from my cmd prompt the image gets successfully pushed to hub. Any suggestion on how to resolve the docker desktop issue?

Thanks in advance!

If you experience issues for which you do not find solutions in this documentation, on Docker Desktop for Windows issues on GitHub, or the Docker Desktop for Windows forum, we can help you troubleshoot the log data.

Choose whale menu > Troubleshoot from the menu.

Diagnose & Feedback

When the Diagnose & Feedback window initiated, it starts collecting diagnostics. When the diagnostics are available, you can upload them and obtain a Diagnostic ID, which must be provided when communicating with the Docker team. For more information on our policy regarding personal data, see how is personal data handled in Docker Desktop.

Diagnose & Feedback with ID

If you click on Report an issue, it opens Docker Desktop for Windows issues on GitHub in your web browser in a “New issue” template, to be completed before submission. Do not forget to include your diagnostic ID.