Is there a web app to list available dockerized apps to users?


I am fairly new to docker and still learning a lot of things. I grasped the concepts behind containers, deployment, usage and administration, but now I have a specific need I cannot find a good answer for.

Imagine I have a machine acting as a server, running docker, with a few containers ready to go.
Right now I know how to keep the container running, so that one user at a time can use the service, as well as how to scale it with docker-compose.

What I need, however is something more user-friendly and automated: I need a app, running on the server, that can be accessed from the users (ideally from a browser) that lists the available dockerized apps. In a perfect world, selecting a dockerized app starts a new instance of the container and shows the interface of the new instance in a browser window (provided the dockerized app allows web interfaces). In a nutshell, I’m looking for a user-level hub for the docker containers on my server.

I believe it is possible and probably I’m just looking in the wrong place. Is there something like this in the Docker Hub?

The closest thing i can think of are App Templates in Portainer.