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Is there a web browser container program for Docker?

Hello, I’m new to docker. I have a synonogy diskstation which can support docker. When I connect to my diskstation remotely I would like the ability to the browse the web. I asked about this elsewhere and was told to try docker. Are there docker container programs that support web browsing?
I looked around on the hub page and I couldn’t find anything. Im working in a windows environment. Thanks!

For web browsing, I would recommend not using Docker. You can definitely run GUI applications with Docker, but from what I’ve heard (and this is just through the grapevine, I haven’t played around with it at all) they can be finicky.

If you are looking for a cli-based web browser (are those still used?), then I would find that software and see if they build Docker images to encapsulate the software.

Sounds like you want some proxy/VPN server, to be used by a local browser installed on whatever computer you’re using while connecting remotely?