Docker perf with x86/x64 images on Apple Silicon?

Guys i’m about to get a new Macbook Pro. What kind of spec machine is really dependent on how well docker really works with apple silicon. Unfortunately i can’t really wait much longer because my current macbook (Late 2013 rMBP with 16GB Ram & I5) isn’t getting the latest version of MacOS & just doing simple task like browsing the web is using 50-80% of the cpu constantly. So its starting to get painfully slow.

I’ve been dome some research over the past week on Docker Desktop + Apple Silicon. I realize docker desktop is native now but of course the images you’re running might not be. This of course could be two reasons either the image your using doesn’t support apple silicon or you want to run x86 because thats how it will run in production. I’ve hard some people say it works great and others say its buggy (which of course might get better and better) and some say its painfully slow (Qemu) even with the M1 Max. What is true story here? If its bad now do you think it will ever be that great?

The reason i’m asking is because if i’m going to do a lot of development on this machine i’m probably going to get a pretty high spec machine (64GB Memory, ect…) but if i’m not i’ll probably get a base unit.

I used to run a lot of VMs unfortunately the VM story isn’t that great with Apple Silicon. WIth Parallels & Fusion you have to run WOA (windows on arms) which is limited and fusion doesn’t even support it and the variety of linux distro supporting apple silicon is disappointing.