Issue in pulling image from custom-docker-registry by using registry-API + Docker-Engine-API

Docker Engine API v1.41 Reference -reference

i am using this request to pull image from custom docker-registry and i am just getting manifest and getting error can’t extract the tar file .
1).http : // localhost : 2375/images/create?fromSrc=localhost:5000/v2/moquil/manifests/latest&repo=localhost:5000/moquil

2).http: // localhost:5000/v2/moquil/manifests/latest
This is registry-api-link for getting the image manifest file
and after that in documentation they said about pulling each layer separately using
http: // localhost : 5000/v2/moquil/blobs/layer-digest

is there any direct way , because in case of docker-hub registry which is by default , i can pull whole image at ones by using
http : // localhost : 2375/images/create?fromImg=rohitroax123/moquil
by this i will got my full image