Pulling Docker Images from Private Repository using REGISTRY REST API

I setup a private docker registry (localhost:5000) and pushed an image (busy_box_r:latest) there.

Now I am trying to pull images from private registry by using below command:

docker pull localhost:5000/busybox_r:latest

It is working fine, I can verify it by running command:

docker@default:~$ docker images

localhost:5000/busybox_r latest 00f017a8c2a6 2 weeks ago 1.11 MB

Now I am trying to do the same with REGISTRY REST API:

I got the menifest file :

& also downloaded blob file (fs layer):


but this is just a file (that contains related binary data). How to load this blob file, so that i can see corresponding image on local by running this command:

docker@default:~$ docker images


Any help on this issue ???

It is blocking my work.

not sure, but maybe the command docker load could help you. Do not know if you tried that already.

i have the same requirements , did you have this implemented?