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Issues binding IP ports through -p

(Jouster) #1

On the attempt to run a command of say Docker run -d -p langrisha/npm-lazy or any other repository for that matter, i get the error,

Error starting userland proxy:listen tcp bind: cannot assign requested address

All IP addresses fail and only the local host is able to work ( I have no good ideas on how to fix this or how this problem came about, or even where to check for it.

EDIT+1= Any good tips or suggestions to troubleshoot this?

(Jeanepaul) #2


I will add a virtual interface on the host that has a different IP address than the primary
ifconfig eth0:1 netmask up

Run cannot assign requested address
(Jouster) #3

Any updates? I might have found something pertaining to vim/vi file of /etc/sysconfig/docker-network which has something called DOCKER_NETWORK_OPTIONS= to nothing.