Issues with 403 error on nginx when mounted

I am trying to create a docker container with the following command

docker run -d -P -v /home/user1/test/:/usr/share/nginx/html/ --name conr nginx

but when i try to acess the index page of nginx it is throwing a 403 forbidden error. when i cd to the directory /usr/share/nginx/html and run ls I get permission denied.
I tried changing the permissions on folder test/ in host machine but that still didnt fix the issue.

How do you determine which port to access the content?

I tired mapping ports like “-p 80:80” when I get into the folder in the container /usr/share/nginx/html/ and run ls i get permission denied error.

Can you Try This
docker run -d -P 80:80 -v /home/user1/test:/usr/share/nginx/html --name conr nginx