Isuue while accessing port Docker desktop for mac

Hi, I am running some processes (main.exe) on port 18731. While trying to access processes from host machine(mac), getting error message as - “Curl(52) Empty reply from server”.

But while I am running the http-server inside same container, I am being able to access http-server on host perfectly.

Not able to get the root cause behind error to fetch processes on host. The format of processes running on port - 18731 which I am trying to redirect to host is:

main.exe 18281 root 18u IPv6 693698 0t0 TCP localhost:18731 (LISTEN)
main.exe 18281 root 20u IPv6 694112 0t0 TCP localhost:18731->localhost:41408 (ESTABLISHED)
main.exe 18281 root 22u IPv6 2672090 0t0 TCP localhost:18731->localhost:56684 (ESTABLISHED)
main_bake 18380 root 6u IPv4 695205 0t0 TCP localhost:41408->localhost:18731 (ESTABLISHED)
main_bake 18380 root 11u IPv4 2671553 0t0 TCP localhost:56684->localhost:18731 (ESTABLISHED)

I am using:
OS - Mac OS X Catalina
Docker version - 19.03 and
Docker desktop edge version

Starting the container using - “docker run -d -it -p tezsureinc/tezster:1.0.2”

This issue has been resolved.

There were some hidden scripts inside container which were getting used in the process and were containing as hard coded value for networking purpose. Because of that, process was not able to be listening on the container’s 172.x.x.x IP. Just replacing all the or localhost with solved the issue.