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Isuue while accessing port Docker desktop for mac

Hi, I am running some processes (main.exe) on port 18731. While trying to access processes from host machine(mac), getting error message as - “Curl(52) Empty reply from server”.

But while I am running the http-server inside same container, I am being able to access http-server on host perfectly.

Not able to get the root cause behind error to fetch processes on host. The format of processes running on port - 18731 which I am trying to redirect to host is:

main.exe 18281 root 18u IPv6 693698 0t0 TCP localhost:18731 (LISTEN)
main.exe 18281 root 20u IPv6 694112 0t0 TCP localhost:18731->localhost:41408 (ESTABLISHED)
main.exe 18281 root 22u IPv6 2672090 0t0 TCP localhost:18731->localhost:56684 (ESTABLISHED)
main_bake 18380 root 6u IPv4 695205 0t0 TCP localhost:41408->localhost:18731 (ESTABLISHED)
main_bake 18380 root 11u IPv4 2671553 0t0 TCP localhost:56684->localhost:18731 (ESTABLISHED)

I am using:
OS - Mac OS X Catalina
Docker version - 19.03 and
Docker desktop edge version

Starting the container using - “docker run -d -it -p tezsureinc/tezster:1.0.2”