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Just CLI/Machine?

Hey All,

I moved my development machine into an LXC container. I use this development machine to orchestrate a single docker deployment on another host in my homelab, using Docker Machine.

What’s the simplest way to run docker-machine/docker-cli inside my LXC container (running Debian Buster/Proxmox 6 fwiw)? I don’t need any functionality of Docker Engine as I won’t actually run any containers or build any images on the local development machine. Everything will be through docker-machine. And as such, I don’t want to turn my development machine into a privileged, unconfined container which would only be necessary to run a full Docker installation including the Engine.

And just to make it crystal clear: inside my development container I intend to run docker/docker-compose commands but ONLY using Docker Machine, so those commands will only be executing against the remote machine.