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Kaspersky detecting in docker.exe

(Josselin Pujo) #1

Expected behavior

Installation works without triggering antivirus

Actual behavior

Kaspersky IS detects malicious code in the docker.exe binary

VirusTotal has one corroborating detection:

I’m looking at the Ebowla go code to see if there is a reason for docker to generate a false positive, not posting an issue on github until I have done more footwork…

(Mario Toffia) #2

I have a similar problem - avast detects the latest update as a virus (of different kind) - Malware-gen [Tri].


(Keith Davis) #3

Did you ever get more info on this? We are getting the same alert, but a different file:


(Emilio Medina Arribas) #4

In my case Kaspersky detects PDM:Trojan.Win32.Generic in dockerd.exe

(Michael Friis) #5

Can you please follow up with Kaspersky?

(Emilio Medina Arribas) #6

I did it, and there I saw a link to this discussion. Anyway, I’ve posted there the same comment.

Thanks for your attention.

(Andrewstop) #7

What version of kaspersky did you install, u can install newest version of kaspersky in

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