Malware detected with InstallDocker.msi

Expected behavior

Can install Docker for Windows normally

Actual behavior

Cannot install Docker because blocked by Antivirus program (e.g: Avast…)


Scan result for InstallDocker.msi with VirusTotal:

Steps to reproduce the behavior

  1. Download the file InstallDocker.msi from
  2. Scan virus with Avast or VirusTotal
  3. See the result
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Same Virus Scan result to me “Other:Malware-gen [Trj]”.

Thanks for reporting. We’re trying to come up with procedures that’ll prevent Docker shipping installers that match with virus signatures (we’ve checked and are confident that the installers do not contain viruses, but releases occasionally match with virus fingerprints).

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Yep…I’m doing it. Reviving an old thread.

January 2021 and it seems this is still occurring. Sentinel One is blocking the latest Docker Desktop for Windows. Any suggestions?