Keyboard input not working after attaching to a running container

Host machine -
Lenovo Flex 5 - AMD Ryzen 7
Windows 11 Home 64 bit
Docker Desktop 4.12.0 (85629)

I can start/run containers from Docker Desktop and connect to them with the integrated CLI from there. I can execute what commands I want on that.

The issue starts when I Start/Run containers through my terminal.
I attach to them using “docker attach ”
However, in the attached shell, I am not able to type anything, the keyboard input is simply not working.

The issue also exists when I run the container using the -i flag. I can see the container shell but cannot type anything. Ctrl + c exits the shell.

I have tested this on CMD, Git Bash, and Cmder’s various shells on my machine.
Reinstalled Docker Desktop also and still the issue persists.

Let me quote the manual here:

If you want to have an interactive terminal, you want to use docker exec -ti ${container name or id} sh. Depending on the image, you may also have bash available or if it’s a distroless image, then not even sh.