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KiteMatic - OSX Adding Volumes accessible by Image

(Petera1) #1

The Documentation on Kitematic Says…

Managing Volumes

You can choose to make all of a container’s volumes mapped to directories on on your Mac by clicking on the folders in the “Edit Files” section of the container summary screen.

It is not clear to me where 'the folders in the “Edit Files” section…" is.

Can anyone help?

Best Regards

(Whichbaby) #2

Hi peters1,
Doesn’t seem like there is a lot of activity on this thread but I am having the exact same issue. Were you able to find a solution?


(Petera1) #3

Unfortunately I was unable to find a solution, I was investigating the use of containers for EC2 environment, and this requirement became less important. My guess is that KiteMatic itself will not enable you to configure volumes, but that it will report volumes that have been configured directly in docker.