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'kubectl top' ... heapster

(Planetf1) #1

Although I’ve used docker for a while, I’m new to kubernetes.
I’ve enabled kubernetes within Version (27117), and been able to deploy some pods – including via helm. Super so far…

However I wanted to check what was taking cpu, so tried ‘kubectl top pod’ and realised I need ‘heapster’ deployed. I can deploy from a helm chart (helm install heapster) but that doesn’t work with the OOTB config on docker for mac.

So time to figure out what namespaces I have, where to deploy to etc…

Any tips welcome.

(Planetf1) #2

I ended up following these instructions

I was then able to go to

to get the dashboard and some useful stats.
‘kubectl top node’ etc now works too

I know we should be careful of bloat, but I imagine the kubernetes dashboard with some basics like cpu/memory monitor would be useful for non-expert developers wanting to make use of kubernetes on mac (which is SO easy now with docker for macos)