Kubernetes Desktop Docker Windows 10 Starting Loop


I know similar topics had been posted in the past but they did not help me. I have Kubernetes stuck in a starting loop in Docker Desktop.

I used the following: .\com.docker.diagnose.exe check > log2.txt

To get the issue of:
[FAIL] DD0032: do Docker networks overlap with host IPs? network bridge has subnet which overlaps with host IP
[SKIP] DD0030: is the image access management authorized?
[PASS] DD0033: does the host have Internet access?

Advice on the Windows 10 network configuration? I keep finding Linux solutions.

We can’t really say how you can configure your local network. If you have access to the router that gave you the IP address, you can change that, but probably easier to just change the Docker config to use different IP addresses.

Scroll down to the json file and search for “default-address-pool” and “bip”. If I remember well it is enough to set the deault address pool, but if I am wrong, try “bip” too which is the IP range of the default bridge interface “docker0”