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Kubernetes kubectl can't find server

(Ben) #1

I’m running 18.02.0-ce-rc1-mac50 (22256) with Kubernetes enabled. All of the kubectl commands fail with
Unable to connect to the server: dial tcp i/o timeout

I’m on a corporate network and tracerouting points to some other server somewhere in one of our datacenters. Any ideas on why that would happen and how I can maybe change the address locally? I’m assuming Kubernetes on my Mac started up and is bound to that IP and listening to that port.

(David Maze) #2

At some point, did you launch minikube? What does kubectl config current-context say? Does this help:

kubectl config use-context docker-for-desktop

(Ben) #3

Yes! That’s what it was. I forgot I had played with Minishift a few months ago. Running kubectl config current-context returned: openshift/192-168-99-100:8443/system:admin I ran the use-context docker-for-desktop and things started working. Thank-you David.