Latest release causing high CPU

Just upgraded to and all my containers are running at high cpu. was running fine.
Is this a known issue?
It’s across the board on all containers.

Nobody has this issue? Or nobody’s on the latest release?

I can confirm that after upgrading to yesterday, Docker made my MacBook sound like a hairdryer again. Do you also see com.docker.hyperkit using 200-300% cpu? This is an old problem, but I thought it went away with It’s really annoying that it’s back, it makes it close to impossible to let Docker run while the Mac is on battery.

Yup. docker.hyperkit.

I’m seeing the same thing for but for the Docker process.

Has been ~130% CPU since I booted Docker over an hour ago, and I haven’t spun up any containers – it’s just sitting “idle”.

Was fine until recently (so this maybe started occurring at or

I’m seeing the same, FWIW. I’m on Docker Desktop (40693)

com.docker.hyperkit is using about 200% CPU (with a proportional energy hit) - makes it impossible to run on battery for very long.

I’m also on Docker, but it seems I am getting high CPU mainly if I have two user accounts logged in both with the Docker desktop running. I don’t actually need to have any containers active to get the high CPU happening.